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SNC has extensive national and international regulatory experience to help you stay in compliance and build your positive brand image. The United States also has very specific regulations about what is considered acceptable for product packaging, which makes nutrition analysis, labeling and marketing even more important. And as consumers become more educated and label savvy, there is even more at stake than just the government’s watchful eye.

So why take the risk? SNC has over a decade of experience working with companies worldwide to ensure their labeling is fair, accurate and consumer friendly while keeping in mind the importance of government restrictions. Put your mind at ease while ensuring your products are getting to the consumers who need them. We can also help you implement the new FDA legislation requirements for labels and Nutrition Facts, which must be updated by January 1, 2020.

Use your label to be compliant and breakdown all the details of your product.

The Perfect Vegan Sandwich
Labeling Support Provided:

SNC provides:

  • Recipe nutrition analysis with the industry’s validated gold standard database software

  • Nutrition Facts panel creation

  • Ingredient statement development

  • Appropriate label formatting

  • Relevant nutrition and health claims

  • Allergen assessments

  • Evaluation of manufacturing practices that affect labeling

  • Label proofing and editing for FDA and USDA compliance

  • Science-based writing for marketing copy on labels and for sales materials, web content, consumer services dialogue, and position papers

Fields of Expertise:

FDA Regulations

USDA Regulations



Creating all required label elements

Marketing copy writing/editing/approval

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